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Alice Jacob- Artist’s Statement

Before I shoot (press the shutter), I move in and around my subject. If I have the luxury of time and I find a place where I see interesting possibilities, I wait for something visually beguiling to occur. If it does; it is a gift.

Years have sharpened my senses. I form an ‘instant relationship’ with ‘place’ when I intuit that it is right. I can only describe, what for me is the decisive moment, (as Henri Cartier-Bresson declares it to be) is when I get a fuzzy nervous feeling and heightened anticipation.

Since my childhood, I have loved movies and today I see films at least once a week. They add an emotional sense of timing to my cache memory and to my intuitive understanding of how I will interpret what I see. What draws me to the subject are the unguarded moments in the visual story; ‘the mise en scene’.

Venice & Paris,
A Tale of Two Cities

“Look in my heart and you will see, graved inside of it, “Italy.”
R. Browning*

Late Night
Caffe Florian…The Worshippers
Boy with a Pink Bike
Masks of Venice
Lady in Waiting
Night Moves
Dreaming of Byron
My Cyrano
Another Cyrano
Canal at Dawn

Woman with a Fan
The Night Walkers
Caffe Florian’s, After the Ball
The Revellers
The Grand Disguise
Royal Box, Venice Opera House
Woman in the Window
The Gondolier
Woman with a Veiw

“We’ll always have Paris”
There can be no cure for Paris
Vincent’s bedroom, Arles
Waiting for Van gogh

An unusual garden
La Femme
A secret garden
I’ll be seeing you
Girl in the Marais

Serge Gainsbourg

He was a French singer, songwriter, poet, composer, artist, actor and director. Born April 2, 1928 and died on March 2, 1991 in Paris, France. He grew up in the 1940s Nazi-occupied Paris. There is a 2010 film about his life: Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life.

On my last trip to Paris, I came across a street that stretched for two blocks of graffiti paintings with love letters in every form, declaring the fans devotion.

I was captivated by the long walls with messages of every kind. Best of all, it was early in the morning and cars were no where in sight. I had full-view and so I moved in close to the wall with my Nikon and what you see is the result. I call this selection: ‘ Obsession’


“I would love to be the poet laureate of Coney Island.”
Thornton Wilder

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